Time Train to Nowhere Ms McKenzie


I will read anything to do with WWII, even books aimed at very young children. But even for the target audience, this book was very disappointing. I went into this expecting a fun little kids book, and I did get that but there were a couple of hiccoughs. I managed to notice a… plot hole(?) for want of a better word where something should not have been able to happen based on a previous event. I can’t see any sequels to this book, despite it being around 8 years old and the concept of a train which transports its users to a different time (very similar to the Magic TreeHouse books I loved so much as a child) would lend itself to more books. I feel this would work much better with a series behind it to add more to the story, as it feels on the pointless side with nothing else surrounding it. I know my childhood self would be disappointed there weren’t any more books. A sadly disappointing read that could have been much better if a little more love was given.

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