Darkling – a beautiful world


Firstly, thank you to NetGalley and NineStar for a free ebook of this novella in return for an unbiased review. This is my first delve into an LGBT+ fantasy story and I really enjoyed it. I like the fantasy plot line and the inner workings of this world, as well as the dynamics portrayed between the characters, especially with Jordan and Ryder. Personally, I have never been keen on reading about too much romance, but I did enjoy some aspects of it in this story. Although it was a little much for me at some points it’ll be perfectly fine for those who like reading about romance, although this one is a little… darker. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this book to younger readers, probably around 16+ depending on the individual is a good age range. I just have to pick up the next book which is released in this series as I need to delve back into this world again! Kind of hoping there won’t be as much romance in further books, but I can deal with it if there is, I just need more of Ryder’s magic! Basically, there is amazing world building and I just need more of it!

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