Ready Player One


I definitely did not expect to love this book as much as I did, as I am not a huge gamer (although I do play a little), and a lot of the games referenced are from before my time. Despite not growing up in the 80s (’96 so I didn’t really grow up in the 90s either) I loved all the references to old videos games, having heard about around half of them and enjoying learning about others. For me, the explanations of the games weren’t overboard and didn’t interrupt the flow of the plot, but I don’t know how someone who is very familiar with the games would feel. I absolutely loved how they mixed the old with the new in terms of technology from the beginning of video games to current technological levels to even further into the future with realistic but futuristic technologies which add so much to the plot. The world outside the OASIS (the VR world which most of the book is based in and is seemingly never-ending and filled with amazing wonders) seems to be pretty accurate to what is likely to happen with how the world is currently progressing, with accommodation issues with overpopulation and corporations taking over everyday life and having major impacts on the general populous.

The interactions between the characters within OASIS are written very well, as most people are anonymised within the virtual world so there is an aspect of not fully knowing who you are talking to or what they’re like. However, there are still true friendships formed and perceived hurdles are tackled with skill.

Overall I would struggle to say much more about this novel without spoilers, but I really really enjoyed this book and recommend it to gamers and non-gamers alike. Definitely a really interesting look into the future and the past, as well as just an interesting plot line which is fun and absorbing. I 100% will be both reading the sequel and watching the film, I just hope they both live up to the original book!

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