Book unhaul for a good cause!

One of my old primary schools (I went to many) has expanded recently, it used to span from nursery to year 4 (3 years old to 8 years old) and was called a First School. Due to new legislation in the county, they have had to expand to become a primary school and include years 5 and 6 (up to 10 years old). This has brought about various different problems, but one which I just had to do something about is the lack of books for these new two year groups! The new year 5 teacher has bought as many books as she could afford for the children, but I decided that this would be good motivation for me to unhaul a decent stack of my older books so that they can go to a better cause and be loved and appreciated by the staff and students!

Processed with MOLDIV

This is the total pile of books that I have “donated” to my old school, totalling 82 books!!! (unless I counted the wrong, which is definitely possible!)

The books which are pages down on my bed are a selection of children’s non-fiction books, with three different series: Horrible Science, The Knowledge and Dead Famous.Processed with MOLDIV

Here is a close up of the left stack of books. Some of these are duplicates of books I’m keeping, and others are ones which I feel the kids will get more mileage out of than I would if I hoarded them! There are a couple of books in here which won’t be going to the school (i.e. The Devil Wears Prada and Chasing Harry Winston), but they’re in this photo because I’m unhauling them along with the rest.Processed with MOLDIV Some of these books were my favourites when I was younger, but they just aren’t something that I’m going to re-read ever again and I know they’re just perfect for the school library.

I definitely plan on buying some charity books to give to the school as I have really enjoyed helping them but I don’t have any more books I can part with! I really hope the kids love these and that the next set I donate will be loved too. I think I’m going to pick up some nursery books too next time as they tend to get destroyed relatively quickly at that end of the school!

If you’re ever struggling to find a way to unhaul books, donating them to your old school or a school local to you is such a good way. You know that the books will be loved and appreciated and that you’re helping teachers out and saving them some of their paycheque!

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