The Guilty Reader

I don’t read enough.

There I said it, I definitely don’t. I have my dissertation to think about and so much other stuff that sadly takes priority right now, along with me just plain being lazy. Looking at my books when I’m at university is a bit of a guilt trip, I really want to read them. They’re there because I want to read them. But I just don’t have the time!

It’s even worse when I visit home, which I did recently for the Easter holidays. I get to see all my old favourite reads, which is lovely, but I also get to see the 150+ books I own that are on my tbr list. And I know I don’t have time to read them! Part of me wants to declutter and unhaul some of these books just to make the list more manageable, but I feel like that’s a waste of money :/ It’s genuinely a struggle. I don’t feel like I’m ever at home long enough to be able to sit on a decision of unhauling and really make up my mind to get rid of some of this absolutely massive tbr. I picked these books up for a reason, I clearly want to read them. But will I ever actually get round to it? Who knows? Maybe once my dissertation is finished and I move back into my parents’ house in the summer I can just spend all of my time reading and try and get through as many books as possible.

Unfortunately, I think any sort of action has to be taken a few months in the future. I need to focus on finishing up my higher education as best as I can and that doesn’t involve setting reading challenges for myself… sadly…

For now, I just have to live with the fact that my tbr pile is far too large and there is nothing that can be done at the minute about this other than trying not to buy any more books. I am on an attempted book buying ban from now on! Let’s see how long that lasts!

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