The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter: A Treasury of Myths, Legends, and Fascinating Facts

I’m guessing you’re not shocked at me saying I love Harry Potter?! But it is the main reason anyone is going to come and look at this book. It is definitely an interesting read about the real-life background and legends that Rowling looked into for inspiration for the magical universe (in my edition it only reaches to The Order of the Phoenix 😭 pros and cons of secondhand shops) and how she weaved these stories into the background, and foreground, of this series.

Some of the information which is given is incredibly obvious to anyone who has read the books, and most readers of this would have already been through the books a couple times. However, there is some further detail for certain sections and there are a few tidbits that you might not have thought about too deeply in the past but that once brought to light will linger in your brain and reveal a new perspective you had never thought of. This really is a fun little book for anyone who loves the Harry Potter series and wants to think a little more about the writing process and name choice for everything within the world. It is a quick read, and later editions are likely to have a lot more information as many plot points were revealed in later books which show more about name choices, backgrounds and more.

If I could find a later edition for a decent price at a charity shop then I’d definitely pick it up to see what was added and removed and how the remaining sections were changed. It’s not life-changing but it’s a nice little companion piece to a beautiful series.

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