Book Launch! May by Naomi Kruger

A lecturer at my University (The University of Central Lancashire) has recently published a book! She is the lecturer of one of my friends (as I didn’t do a book related degree) so we decided to go along and support her at her book launch!

Click here for the Goodreads page for this book!

Photo 03-05-2018, 19 10 28

I and Ash headed along to our local Waterstones in Preston, they had set up some wine, juice and nibbles for us to enjoy!

Naomi read out part of her book to us, which focuses on the memory loss of an older woman and how this affects the lives of those around her, from multiple points of view.

The excerpt was so interesting and definitely piqued my interest. Sadly, as expected from a Uni student, I couldn’t afford to buy the book. It has such a beautiful cover and the concept is really interesting to me, and from what I have heard from those who have already read it, it’s done very well.

Photo 03-05-2018, 18 43 42

If this book sounds like something you would be interested in I definitely recommend looking into it. Naomi is an amazing lecturer who really helped my friend to improve her writing style, as well as being a lovely woman. This book looks like it is such a good read and I can’t wait to be able to afford to buy it and give it a go for myself! If you live in the North West of England this book will spark a lot of recognition for you, with references to many areas in and around Lancashire. It’s nice to see a book set somewhere within the North of England, as so many books are set much closer to London. Northern Pride!

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