Some Assembly Required

This book is weird. Straight up odd. My review is going to be disjointed as that is how my thoughts are after reading this novel. The premise is interesting, there is a sentient blob and things start to go a little crazy, and not much more can be said, but the writing style was really difficult for me to read. It was very much all over the place and indicative of someone who’s brain processes are very rapid, and intense. I understood what the author was trying to do, but personally, it was an uncomfortable read.

There were some sections which were written in a more traditional style which I found myself really enjoying, and those were the sections which allowed me to continue with the book. I also really liked how the plot developed as the book was reaching its end, but getting to that point was difficult and tedious. I read this book on the train and I feel like I wouldn’t have gotten through it if I had been anywhere else.

This sci-fi book definitely has promise, and I know that there are others out there who will love the writing style and really enjoy this book so if the synopsis sounds interesting to you then give it a go. However, it just wasn’t for me. I am glad I tried something out of my usual comfort zone though!

Thank you to NetGalley for an eARC of this book in return for an unbiased review.

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