I can’t believe it took me this long to get to this book! I picked it up in a charity shop for 25p as I had never read it in school and so many people have raved about this book. I am now joining this group, giving the book 4/5*, I read it all in one day (it is short but still) and really felt like part of the group with Caveman (Stanley), our main character, being relateable despite him being a young teenage boy and me a 21 y/o female.

Sachar manages to mix in various different plot lines together based around Camp Green Lake without losing the interest of the reader, intertwining a multitude of plot strings all together to make a fabric which engrosses and captures the reader. Stanley has been sent to Camp Green Lake because of a misunderstanding, however, the justice system doesn’t see this and sends him off to dig holes in the desert. This is supposed to be a ‘character building’ task but in reality, the Warden has a secret that she wants to be uncovered for her own gain. Stanley makes friends with the quietest boy in camp, Zero, and I have to say that he is probably my favourite character in the book. He is intelligent and thoughtful but doesn’t wish to waste too many words with those at Camp Green Lake. However, Stanley is different and the two form a bond which becomes integral to their survival later in the book.

I can imagine this being a great book to read at 10-16, with fitting in whilst not losing your own personal identity being a theme which stood out to me, along with the more obvious ‘fight for what is right’ theme. The later seems very relevant in today’s society where in some instances breaking the law seems more humanitarian than following it, and hopefully, this book can continue to inspire younger people to stick with their morals and think for themselves rather than following authority for no reason other than they are in charge.

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