Hit Squad

This is book #6 in the Medusa Squad series, and stupidly I didn’t re-read any of the other 5 books in the series before starting this book so I was a little lost for a while. I couldn’t get my hands on this book for a surprisingly long time so I am a little behind on this series too. But I quickly fell back into the story and really enjoyed this book.

We follow our squad, plus one or two extra tagalongs, as they attempt to stop the production and usage of Medusix. This is a drug which simulates the gene mutation they have and can cause the development of powers in those who take it. We switch character viewpoints throughout the book and this is really used to the plot’s advantage as we are left with cliffhangers and mystery whilst the book is still ongoing. With different characters not knowing what is happening to others within the group and this affecting the whole plot.

I was fully engrossed in this book and am upset that this is the final book in the series! (although McKenzie has left the ending open so there is a chance that it could be continued… but it’s been like 5 years so maybe not 😦 ) I was so stressed, tense and freaking out for the end portion of the book! Non-bookworms may think that is a bad thing but trust me, that just means the book has you in its grasp and is 100% doing its job. I really recommend this YA Sci-Fi read to those of all ages. Definitely a fun, fast-paced piece of literature that leaves you wanting more!

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