Who-Ology, a review

I’m a Doctor Who nerd, a Whovian, and God Damn It I need the new series out now!!! So excited for the Christmas special this year! (I’m aware it’s September, don’t dampen my joy!). As a lot of my family and friends know that I love DW and reading, I’ve had many presents of DW related books and they’re such a fun and interesting thing to read through if you’re a fan of the show.

This one is filled with facts about the show, and behind the scenes knowledge about the actors and their lives when pertaining to Who. I found it really interesting. This book goes right from the beginning with William Hartnell, all the way up to Matt Smith, so it’s a little old, but the information is still accurate! I haven’t been able to watch all of the old episodes as of yet, I’ve watched some of Hartnell but it’s a little daunting to think of watching 50 years of Doctor Who so I’ve not gotten very far through. Because of this, I did skim over some bits of the book, for the bits that we talking about specific events in Old Who that I know I want to watch but haven’t gotten around to yet. But this just means that I get to go back through it once I’ve watched the older episodes!

This is definitely a fun little book, I read it all in one sitting so it’s also a quick one and something that I think is great for any fan of the show of any age. I’m looking forward to rereading it again in a few years when I’ve watched the show in its entirety!

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