My November TBR| 2018

This month I’m going for something a little bit different. The whole month is Non-Fiction November, so all of my TBR is non-fiction! Now this doesn’t mean I won’t be reading fiction during the month, and I also probably won’t be getting to all of these books within November. Essentially, this is the list of Non-Fiction books I have immediate access to while at uni that I’m going to try and read in November. As always I have done a video for this which is up on my YouTube channel Autumn of Pellinor (click here for the video link) and I’m not going to type up about the different challenges for Non-Fiction November here, so if you want more info about that then head to the video, or straight to Alex Black’s channel, as she is one of the hosts. Now into the tbr!!

POG cover final.inddPrisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall

My undergraduate degree was Geography BSc, hence my interest in this. I have borrowed it from a friend on my Masters course and I’m hoping it’ll be an interesting read from a Geographical and possibly Geological standpoint.

the secret barristerThe Secret Barrister

You’ll notice this book has no author. This is a memoir/biography/tell-all about the UK legal system and therefore the author has withheld their name to avoid tarnishing their name and losing their job. If I like the writing style of this, I anticipate it being a very fast and very engrossing read.

Image result for rspb magazine follow the flyaway

Nature’s Home by RSPB

This is a bit of a deviation from the norm, as it is a magazine which I get as I am a member of the RSPB (hence also the lack of cover). However, I checked with Alex and she said I was good to go with a non-fiction magazine so I’m looking forward to reading through this!

the path to changeThe Path to Change by Pope Francis

As an atheist, you might be thinking that this is a bit of a weird choice for me. However, I feel like this Pope is very much about humanity and kindness to others, and that is something which is universal across beliefs.

a forest in the cloudsA Forest in the Clouds by John Fowler

A memoir about someone’s time in a location that is no longer what it once was that includes ecology? Hello, I’m here! Whether I like this book or not definitely depends on how I feel about the writing style so fingers crossed.

butterflyButterfly by Yusra Mardini

A young girl escaped the war in Syria and made her way to the Olympics, and this is her biography. Of course I need to read this! This won’t be the happiest of books, I’m assuming, but I think it’s important to hear from those who have been impacted in Syria.

elon muskElon Musk by Ashlee Vance

This is a biography on the tech guru Musk, who until recently I thought relatively well of. In more recent times he’s become a bit egotistical and this has made me rethink my view on him. However, this doesn’t negate the work he has done and I’m hoping this will inform me about more of it.

love and kisses from my padded cellLove and Kisses from my Padded Cell by Dr. Ellie Henkind Katz

Interviews conducted by a medical professional with those who have suffered from addiction, something that greatly intrigues me as I have a love of psychology. Seeing as this has been written by a Doctor I’m hoping that any conclusions made will be done on the back of solid evidence.

five days that shocked the worldFive Days that Shocked the World by Nicholas Best

The first WWII book on this list! Finally! This covers five days from the end of the war and the shocking things that people witness on these days of lawlessness and panic. This one won’t exactly be a cheery read but it is something I will find incredibly interesting and thought-provoking.

the woman who fought an empireThe Woman Who Fought an Empire by Gregory J. Wallance

A tale from WWI for a change, this book is all about Sarah Aaronsohn and her part in the war. I know nothing at all about this individual or her actions so I’m looking forward to learning all about her.


Weird War TwoWeird War Two by Richard Denham

Weird arse stuff that people invented during the second world war to try and win, is essentially what this book is going to cover from what I can tell from the synopsis. I know a few weird tactics that were attempted or even used, but hopefully, this will add some more to that list!

life honestlyLife Honestly by The Pool

This is a collection of essays from the website named “The Pool” who are pro-egalitarianism. All the essays/articles in here are by female writers. I don’t know too much more about this work, but I’m hoping that there will be some interesting social commentary inside.

glory in their spiritGlory in Their Spirit by Sandra M. Bolzenius

I don’t read much about the US’s involvement in WWII, and absolutely none of that has involved black people. This is the true story of four black women who fought for their rights and their country in a time when their country didn’t want them. This should be such a powerful and educational read.


And that’s it! These are all the books on my tbr for November! There’s quite a few here I know, and I won’t get around to them all, but I hope I get to a good chunk of them. Have you read these or have them on your tbr? Let me know what you think of them and whether you’re going to participate in Non-Fiction November. Even just reading one non-fiction thing counts! Join in!


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