Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie

I absolutely love a good classical mystery story, so I adore everything I read by the likes of Christie and Doyle. This book was no different. My interest in this specific Poirot story comes from the Doctor Who episode which contains a gigantic wasp, death and space science (and Catherine Tate, such a great episode!), so when I spotted it in a charity shop I just had to pick it up! I ended up reading the whole thing in one day, reading a lot whilst traveling for a field trip and then finishing off the book once I was home.

As always I loved Christie’s writing style which engaged me and managed to make me emotionally invested in a large number of characters and their lives and relationships. The distractions and false accusations provided by others within the story are always entertaining and distract me well from the true culprit, and as always when Poirot reveals the truth I am shocked and surprised. Within this book I was also upset, as I had become so invested in a particular storyline, but it was not to be.

I personally find that, although they will run well if read in order, you don’t need to read the Poirot series in numbered order, so feel free to pick and chose those that sound most interesting to you! I personally want to read all of them, so I’ll have to slowly keep collecting them over time!

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