Nature’s Home, the RSPB magazine

Until Non-Fiction November rolled around, I didn’t think that this magazine would count as “reading” in terms of including it in a wrap-up etc. Now I realise how silly that was, as if I count it as reading then it’s reading, hence you getting a review of a magazine for the first time ever!

This was a lot more interesting to read than I thought. It’s the migration edition, talking about birds both leaving and coming to the British Isles due to the change in weather. There are obviously sections about how to spot the birds and what paths they’ll take (and as someone who struggles to identify birds this isn’t the most interesting section), however, there are also interesting articles about which birds migrate and why, what we have learnt in recent years about migration both as a whole and for individual species and much more.

Also there are other typical creatures of British wildlife included, so if you like birds and being out in nature, a £4 a month subscription to help out the RSPB (and get this magazine 4 times a year), as well as getting free access to all their reserves might just be something to consider.

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