Why you should buy The Devouring Gray!

The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman is the first arc I requested, and also the first one I got! Kind of… because they actually sent me a finished copy of the book. Thank you so much to Titan Books for sending this to me! I will say right now though, all the thoughts are my own and have not been influenced through being gifted this book.

This story is about a teenage girl who has recently lost her sister in a car crash, and is moving to her mother’s home town which she has never been to before. There is something off about the town, something odd, and there have been cases of people turning up dead in the woods.

Speculative fiction is what I would probably catagorise this book as, with a fascinating magic system and so much background to the story. I was so invested in each of the characters and their development as the story progressed, and time spent reading this book just flew by.

I really hope that there is a sequel to this book, I need to know what happens next in Four Paths and how the issues left at the end of the book are resolved, as well as needing more from the character themselves! All of them had such intricate and well thought out motivations for their actions and so much backstory. Honestly, this book is gorgeous and so well done.

I genuinely really do recommend this beautiful book, it’ll suck you in and you’ll feel as though you’re actually present in Four Paths. I am excited to read more from Christine in the future, especially if it continues in Four Paths!

This book comes out on the 2nd of April, 2019, so go pick it up on Tuesday and give it a go! Hopefully, you’ll love it as much as I did!

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