A Christmas Carol

Okay I know this isn’t the most timely review but… well I don’t have an excuse to be honest. I read this at Christmas, literally on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and yet I’m not reviewing it till now? I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have a schedule for my reviews, and they go in order from read longest ago to most recent, meaning at times like this it’s super annoying and very much behind the times. But let’s get into the actual book review.

This is one of Dicken’s shortest books, at only around 100 pages (exactly 100 in my copy) and therefore is a nice speedy read for when you’re waiting for your Christmas dinner to cook in the oven or relaxing after stuffing your face full!

If you’ve ever seen any adaptations on the silver screen, they are often very accurate. Unlike most adaptations, nothing really has to be cut as the book is so short, meaning that they include the most minute of details and it makes it that much more enjoyable. This is most definitely a classic and one I recommend to everyone, as even if you don’t celebrate Christmas yourself there is something to be learnt from the three ghosts about charity and goodwill.

I gave this book 5 stars and thoroughly enjoyed it, I look forward to re-reading it this Christmas!

3 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol”

  1. Great review honey. I love this book too. Planning to re-read it in December as part of the booktube rereadathon!! XxX


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