A little taster of Emily Bronte

This book is one of the “Little Black Classics” from Penguin, meaning it’s incredibly short at only 55 pages. I borrowed it from my flatmate Becca as she was ripping pages out for her art project and I wanted to read them before she did that! (The art looked hella cool btw).

This is a small collection of poetry from Emily Bronte that is quite dark and broody, and I haven’t actually read any of her works as a prose writer before so delving into her poetry was interesting. Given that they’re from a while ago, they aren’t anything new, although they may have been at the time.

Instead, they’re just an interesting insight into how her mind was running at this point in time and are an interesting quick little read. Honestly, I don’t have much else to say about this tiny collection, but considering the price (cheap as chips) it could be a good starter to try out before ultimately purchasing a bigger collection of poetry by Emily Bronte.

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