The birth of Leia, the birth of Carrie

A random charity shop find, I always look in the non-fiction section for anything new or unique or just random that jumps out at me. And this time, The Princess Diarist was that book! This is an autobiography from the late Carrie Fisher about her time as a starlet. It predominantly focuses on her time in the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope, and talks about how she got used to this fame and how the experience was. As well as about Harrison Ford ;P

I really enjoyed reading through this book, as always Carrie is blunt and honest, and makes you feel like she’s really being truthful with you and telling you so much about herself. I love the star wars movies, and I really enjoyed seeing her explain the whole process of becoming Leia, but I also learnt a lot about Carrie herself. About her life and her ambitions and her past. There is also a section of the book where photocopies of her diary entries are published, now of course these could’ve been written in the modern day, however, with Carrie Fisher’s reputation for being so open I honestly think she probably just published parts of her diaries! Of course there is information she kept to herself, and that’s her right, but she does tell us a lot.

This is a really interesting book to look at the movie business back in this time period, as well as the formation of Leia and the formation of Carrie Fisher as the badass woman we know and love. Definitely one to pick up if any of these topics interest you!

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