Yet another amazing book

I love Teri Terry. I was pretty sure of this already, but I’d only read one series from her – her Slated series. I adored it and sped through each book so quickly and so when I saw this book in the charity shop I knew I had to grab it and I’m so glad I did because I loved it!

This book follows one of two twins, who were separated at birth due to a prophecy that one would be evil and one would be influenced by her. The character development was amazing and done so incredibly well, as well as having an intricate magic system that’s well developed and easily understandable.

Basically, I loved this book, I read through it so quickly and found it incredibly hard to put down. I felt massively invested in the plot and also with the girls and the ending was intense and also made me think. The way Teri Terry left the book at the end means that the world carries on within your mind, and you think about it for a while after finishing the written word. She seems to have an talent for this and I think it’s a beautiful way to write a story and have it be poignant for many readers.

Teri Terry is a beautiful writer and I look forward to getting around to all of her books, she is 100% a favourite author of mine.

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