I only bought this book in the first place because I spotted it for £1 in a charity shop and the hype is so huge on Booktube! Since I bought this book, I’ve read Throne of Glass so I also know that I enjoy Sarah J Maas’ writing style, and I needed to read a retelling for my O.W.L.’s so I eventually picked it up! (Yes these reviews are hella backdated, it was an accident, leave me alone!)

I was expecting to go into this and absolutely hate it, I was ready to think it was stupid and that the romance was on a Twilight level (which I loved as a tween but lbr it’s an unhealthy relationship). If you couldn’t tell from how I wrote the previous sentences, that didn’t happen! I loved it! I honestly don’t know why really but I was completely in love with the romance, I thought that the plot development was really good. I would’ve preferred more time in the dungeons but that’s probably because I quite like dark books.

I’ll definitely be looking out for the next books in the series and carrying on reading about this world. I’ve heard both that it gets better and also that it gets worse so I’m going to find out for myself now that I know I really liked the first one! It’s not my favourite book ever, but considering how much I assumed I was going to dislike it I’m pleasantly surprised!

12 thoughts on “I FINALLY READ ACOTAR?!?!”

  1. I had a lot of issues with this book, but I really think it’s because I picked it up after A Court of Frost and Starlight came out and there were TONS of negative reviews on my Goodreads feed and it totally swayed my opinion on the book. I am hesitant to check out Throne of Glass, but I think out of Sarah J Maas’s books that one is much more my style. I also haven’t seen nearly as many reviews for that series, so I think I can go in with my judgement less clouded.

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    1. I’ve also read Throne of Glass and I honestly really enjoyed it, and ACOTAR was such a surprise for me but I can 100% see why people wouldn’t enjoy it. I would recommend grabbing Throne of Glass secondhand or in a library and giving it a shot as they were reasonably different (although of course the style is similar). Best of luck!

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      1. I know that feeling, especially when you’re on a budget or even just don’t want to accumulate books all the time

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      2. As a book blogger I get a lot of ARCs, which is great for my budget. But I also want to read a lot of great back list titles. Luckily Throne of Glass is so popular there are plenty of copies at the library.

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      3. It can sometimes. I have gotten pretty selective with what I request now, but for like the last few months I haven’t read a single back list title, so it’s a little crazy. But I’d rather have too much to read than too little.

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      4. I definitely feel the same about that haha, I own sooo many books I haven’t read and yet I keep buying more so I must enjoy having a selection haha

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