Delving into the Doctor Who Universe!

I was reorganising my tbr (to be read) shelves a little as I was trying to squeeze in some of the books I brought home from Uni (as for the past few months I’ve just been hiding them under the closet 😀 ) and I ended up moving this big boi to shift some things around. I was about to slot it back into place and I just randomly decided that I was going to read it, so I did. Which was really nice because a lot of times before the big break I took my reading was dictated by what the internet would think I was “supposed” to have read.

This book is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, with real world facts about shooting episodes or knowledge of real life events/people thrown in around these fictional items and events. I really liked this as it added another aspect to the book and brought the Whoniverse into the real world, making it seem like the writers believed it was real (which of course it is).

It’s definitely a niche book though, you likely won’t enjoy it if you don’t care about the show, or any of the book/comic/radio adaptations that it’s had over its long lifespan. But as a Doctor Who fan for many years, and someone who is still slowly working on watching all of the old series’, I really enjoyed this shallow dive and I’m glad I finally picked this book up! Cause damn it had been on my shelves a while!

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