2020 Bookish Goals!!

I’m really excited to make progress on my goals this year!! Which is kind of odd as they are a little restrictive but I’m looking forward to it non-the-less.

My main goal this year is to read my tbr books. By that, I mean the books that I physically own which I have yet to read. There are almost 200 books which fit in this category in my bedroom alone and I really do need to get through them. Along with this I have another goal to not buy any new books. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, as if any new releases come out that I’m anticipating (hint, there will be) then I can pick them up, and gifts are obviously fine. But I’m not going to actively go looking in charity shops for books and I hope that I can stick to this throughout the year and manage with the decent size pile I already own!

Because of this main goal, I can’t really aim to read more diverse books etc as it depends on what I already have. It’s definitely something I want to keep in mind for 2021, but for now I’m going to be monitoring how diverse the books are that I already had and then go from there. I’m sadly expecting it to be predominantly white but I’ll see in a years time.

In terms of my content, I’ve also created goals. I’d like to spend more time making my videos and being more proud of them, so I am likely going to be posting less frequently due to that. However, I hope that their quality increases and that I enjoy the outcome even more. For my blog, I’m going to continue with the book reviews and how the blog has been for a while, but also I want to occasionally write thought pieces. I’m quite an opinionated person about many topics, but I don’t have the opportunity to share that anywhere as it doesn’t fit in with the books that I read (as I read mainly articles and scientific journals about my passion topics) so being able to write posts on here would be great. I’ve posted one so far about the Australian bushfires and although it wasn’t exactly a masterpiece (it’s a bad piece of writing) I really enjoyed the process.

Lastly is on my instagram. I also want to keep a high quality level on here, which means only posting when I have good enough photos to post. But it also means trying to prepare enough pictures in advance and also I’m hoping to pick up/find more little knickknacks to put in my photos.

This has been a long rambley post about my plans for next year, and I don’t quite know how entertaining that will have been for you, so please do let me know any improvements or alterations you would like me to make. Thank you for a wonderful 2019 and here’s to a great 2020!

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