Hyper-Focusing on ONE Thing

I know that I’m not the only person with this problem, so if anyone else deals with this and could give me some advice on how to deal I’d appreciate it so much.

really struggle to have more than one hobby on the go at once. I tend to hyper-focus and do one thing to death. I’ll be gaming. But I’ll be gaming 18 hours a day and doing nothing else. Or reading. Or watching a show. Or whatever it happens to be at that time. It’s been magnified now that I’m not in education or employment because I have so much free time.

It’s really annoying if I’m being honest. I get so sucked into just doing one thing and one thing only, that I’ll sacrifice my sleeping and eating and hygiene habits to a point of stupidity. I don’t know why I do this and despite being able to identify this behaviour I still do it and I still can’t stop myself.

That’s why sometimes I can read a ridiculous amount one month and nothing at all the next, because my addictive personality has shifted its focus onto something else. The frustration is real guys. Help!

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