Learning about the Buried City

Pompei. Something I have been interested in for as long as I can remember. I have a bit of history with Vesuvius myself, hence why I pick up so many books about the area. This one is a little different though.

Despite everything I’ve read over the years, I did actually learn a decent amount of new stuff in this book, so unless you’re an academic who studies/d Pompei then I’d recommend it for new info! Even if you do know all the facts, the illustrations are really unique.

Over the top of various pictures from the current sites excavated at Pompei there are plastic sheets within this spiral bound book. These have printed on them computer generated reconstructive drawings of how the location would have looked prior to the eruption. These images are fascinating. They are done so well and really do breath life into each of the ruins which seem so desolate and long abandoned.

This is a book I am so glad that I finally read and that I’m very glad I picked up all those years ago!

Do you read about Pompei? Do you enjoy learning about Ancient Rome?

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