My first Stephen King!

I’ve finally read something from Stephen King!! It took me damn long enough to get to something by him! My friend, who picked this for my tbr, still hasn’t read this one, but once she does I’ll update with her opinion!

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As for me, I really enjoyed this book! For quick a while it’s “just” a gripping thriller, where the wrong man is being convicted because all of the evidence points to him. But he’s got a solid tight alibi which says he wasn’t even in the area when the crime happened. What’s the truth?

Turns out it’s weirder than the detectives expected with a horror twist as you get further into the story. I really was engaged throughout this book and the audiobook is good too. I will say that there were sections which made me uncomfortable. Some of them were obviously supposed to, describing the crime scene and such. Some of them, however, weren’t supposed to. Descriptions of women, or of POC, seemed crude and kind of derogatory, which I didn’t enjoy.

I can look past that for a story well told, however, I feel like I have to mention it. Not doing so would make me feel like I was saying I was fine with it. Especially given that this book was published recently it’s just unacceptable and I hope that King changes his writing style to not objectify people.

An interesting read, which stayed in my head for a while, and a discombobulated review, because this book is a madhouse!

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