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This is a review very few of you are gunna care about, let’s be honest. It’s a non-fiction work about Pompeii, talking about the ruins and the lifestyles of the people living there before the 79AD eruption. If, however, there are people reading this who are interested… hi!!!

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This book was an interesting one. As far as I can tell it was more of an essay, written by the Superintendent of Antiquities in Naples about various artefacts and locations around the excavation site. It was originally written in Italian and the translation isn’t quite perfect, there are various spelling mistakes and weird word choices. It doesn’t, in my opinion, detract from the book at all. Just something to be aware of going in.

The images printed alongside the text don’t always match up, but they are incredibly interesting to look at. It can really give a feel of what the site is like to those who haven’t visited, and remind those who have. I’ve had the privilege of visiting Pompeii twice, Herculaneum once and I’ve been up Vesuvius multiple times (no really, my MSc thesis was on Vesuvius, I’ve been up and down it at least 10 times now) from my infancy up until the summer of 2019. This means that I have firsthand experience of a lot of the sites that are mentioned in here, and this did add to what the book could tell me.

I think this would be great for reading before, during or after actually visiting the site. It’ll point out more things for you to look at as well as explaining certain features in more detail than you would otherwise see.

Overall I gave this 3/5*. It’s an educational and insightful book for those wanting to know more about Pompeii.

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