Little Things Add Up

A more personal post today. Although the picture attached will probably raise some questions. It’s of my nail polish, plain white on natural nails, with chips on the thumb and first finger of each hand. With the left hand having more chips than the right.

Any of you who wear nail polish will know that chips happen the most frequently on your dominant hand. It’s used more so it chips more. Simple, right? So quite clearly my dominant hand is my left. Well you see, this is where the personal aspect comes in.

White nail polish, chipped slightly on the right hand and more badly on the left.

When I was 15 years old I damaged my right arm in dance school. The trainee teacher thought I was faking it so they made me continue to do cartwheels etc on it, and the next day in French class (3rd period, 1st and 2nd were music so I was just sitting and chatting – I can actually play instruments don’t worry I did fine in that class) I almost screamed when I tried to write the date on my paper. Because I’m right handed. My arm has never been the same since then. Eventually my school conceded and gave me special conditions for my exams, and my universities did the same. I also learnt how to do things differently. I can write, badly, in my left hand if I need to, as well as little things like reaching for doors or to pick things up. The next time you go to open a door with both arms free, check which one you reach with. Probably your dominant arm. But there are still struggles. Right now as I type, using both hands, my injury is playing up. And my left arm has always been weaker so sometimes I just have to accept the pain if I’m going to open a jar or lift something heavy. As well as me struggling to write with my left hand because it’s just so clunky.

But when I saw my nails, after a weeks worth of wear. And the left hand had more chips? A stupid smile spread right across my face, because it may have taken 9 years. It may have been painful, I may still not have a diagnosis for what the hell is wrong with me. But I’m finally adapting. I’m using my left hand more than my right! At least for this week! And I’m so excited to see that progress for me. So like the title of the post says, it’s the little things. So try and notice a little thing this week, see what tiny change is happening in your life. You’ll be surprised.

4 thoughts on “Little Things Add Up”

    1. Thank you Sophie! Honestly it was such a weird moment of realising most people wouldn’t get it at all but that it was something that made me so happy!

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