The Outstanding Blogger Award

The wonderful Elaine Howlin tagged me back in 2020 to do this tag and I am far too late to properly take part. Within 2020 every blog that ping-backs the creators original post would be entered to win the Outstanding Blogger Award. Now of course I’ve passed this but that doesn’t mean I can’t do the questions!!

The Rules

Link to the creators original post

Answer the questions provided

There were also other rules about making questions and tagging people but that’s a bit redundant now, so let’s get to the questions Elaine wrote!

  1. What book do you always recommend to people?

I think that we all know this is the Pellinor series! It’s a great high fantasy Young Adult series and of course it has an important place in my heart. Other than that I tend to try and make my recommendations specific to the individual, just to make the chance of them reading the book higher!

2. Why did you start your blog?

I’ve always wanted to talk to people about books, and I didn’t have any close friends who were bookish. I didn’t post very much when I first made the blog but over time I’ve become more consistent and I really enjoy reading other peoples posts as well as sitting down to collate my feelings about a book into a review!

3. What was your favourite book as a child?

This is a tough one! As a younger kid I adored Enid Blyton (from like 5-8) and then I loved The Roman Mysteries and Goodnight Mr Tom (9-14ish) and then after that it was the Gallagher Girls, Eragon and Pellinor (15-16). Then I stopped reading for a while cause school was killing me.

4. Is there any book that you prefer the adaptation of?

Not of the top of my head, but I also don’t watch many movies. There are loads I’ve enjoyed and loads I still need to watch!

5. What are you currently reading?

War and Peace! This bad boy is gunna last me the whole of 2021! I also have a few other books on the go right now that I’m spreading across months including Long Walk to Freedom and Fall of Giants.

6. Has a book ever inspired you to visit somewhere?

Simply? No. There have been books that have made me interested in visiting a country, definitely! But I’ve not acted on that as of yet.

7. Is there a new release you’re excited for?

The Mask Falling!! I’m simultaneously wanting to read it right now and also wanting to savour it because a new book wont be out for ages!

Thank you so much again to Elaine for tagging me and I’m sorry this took me so long! You guys should definitely go and check her out.

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