First Lines Friday #22

It’s time for another First Lines Friday! Hosted by Wandering Words!!

What if, instead of judging a book by its cover or its author, we judged the book by its opening lines?

Here is how it works:

โ€“ Pick a book and open to the first page.

โ€“ Copy the first few lines without revealing which book it is.

โ€“ Reveal the book!

Soโ€ฆ do these first lines entice you?

I have just returned from a visit to my landlord – the solitary neighbour that I shall be troubled with. This is certainly a beautiful country! In all England, I do not believe that I could have fixed on a situation so completely removed from the stir of society.

Scroll down to reveal the book!

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A shorter quote today but the next section mentioned Heathcliff by name and that’s just too easy! This was gifted to me by the wonderful Caitlyn from Mad Cheshire Rabbit as it’s one of her favourite classics, so I’ll have to get around to it sometime soon! She also gifted me Frankenstein which I’ve read already and really enjoyed, so I’m hopeful for this. But I’ve heard people say you either like Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre and I adored Jane Eyre… buuuuuttt I’m hoping I buck the trend. Have you read this English classic?

7 thoughts on “First Lines Friday #22”

  1. I’m really scared I’m going to put you off now because I personally loathe Wuthering Heights. It was my main AS English Lit text and no matter how many times I read and re-read it, I didn’t care for it. I do often think I should probably try it again because my opinion of certain classics has improved on a later re-read but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

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    1. Don’t worry about putting me off ๐Ÿ™‚ I love to hear both positive and negative reviews of a book before I go in. I could love something for the exact reason you hated it! If you hated it that much then don’t torture yourself into reading it again! What was it about the book you didn’t like?

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      1. I suppose this could be a bit of a “head’s up” rather than a specific spoiler in itself but there’s a generation of characters in the second part of the book that all have the same names as the generation in the first half and it constantly confused me. The main female character, Catherine Earnshaw, also gets under my skin. I don’t find her a very likeable character at all and although I kinda know the unlikeability and the torturous romance is one of the main points of this book, it was just a little too soap opera-esque for me. I would simply not read it again but with the comparison you keep making to Jane Eyre (a book I used to dislike and now absolutely love), it’s making me wonder whether the same can be said for Wuthering Heights. Also it’s just for me rather than a English Lit qualification so I have the freedom to explore it in my own time without all that pressure.

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      2. Oh god same names? Right I’m very glad for the heads up cause that would’ve confused the hell out of me hahaha. If you do decide to reread it I’d be really interested about whether you liked it or not!!

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