The Benefits of Rereading

Do you re-read? Lots of people don’t! They read a book once and they’re done. Some people will even unhaul a book straight after they’ve finished it, never to be seen again (By some people I mean my dad. Never kept a book in his life. Fucking weirdo). But I’ve always been a re-reader.

It started with me just wanting to experience a story again, I’ve re-read for so long that I don’t even know which book would’ve been my first! And then as I became more and more of a reader it then was pushed by me running out of books!! In the end I read and re-read my favourites so many times that they’re genuinely falling apart and I know the stories inside and out. Sometimes I would even just flick straight to my favourite sections and read from there! I knew the stories so well that I didn’t need to read them again to be sucked back into the world!

As an adult I reread less, and that’s essentially for 2 reasons.

  1. I have more books!
  2. I have “less” time

Reason 0.5 is also because I don’t re-read thrillers, mysteries? Yes. Thrillers? No. The entire enjoyment is in the suspense of not knowing!

As an adult not only do I have access to more books, being able to budget more for books in my life and dedicate more time to them, but also the internet is more of a thing! I have a kindle that I can buy a book from if I want!! This just wasn’t as common when I was younger! (and I didn’t have a bank account to use to buy them!)

And less time. As we get older time seems more and more precious, we realise that we don’t have as much of it as we think. And we realise that there are so many books out there!! Can I really “waste” time reading a book I’ve already read? Especially when I have over 100 of the damn things sat in my house unread!!!

But despite this, I do try to take time to re-read at least one thing each month. It lets me revisit stories that I love, as well as reminding me of just why I love them so much. And when I’m reading “so much” each month why not add a fun reread in there too! May as well make all the hundreds of books I’m keeping “worthwhile”! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

If you never reread and you have the change to pick up a book again? I recommend it! Give it a shot!

6 thoughts on “The Benefits of Rereading”

  1. i’ve just started re reading air awakens (i read the first two books back in 2015/16, and wanted to continue the series). i have a particular hate towards rereading as i read so slow (an upside: i don’t /usually/ forget a book i read), however i think i’m enjoying the series now than i did before- which i think is down to me changing as a person and my tastes also. so glad i decided to reread, and i might do it to some more books in future!

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  2. I have to set aside time to reread or I won’t do it! But sometimes, it’s really nice to just go back to a book that you know you’re going to love (I also really love rereading my favourite scenes – sometimes not even the whole book!)

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    1. I have to build it into my routine as well, which is a pity when it used to happen naturally! But at least I manage to get to it haha

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    1. I’ve not read Swallows or Amazons, I’ll have to look into them! And I’ve reread Narnia so many times, but not in recent years!


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