Meet the book blogger!

Hey! My name’s Abi, and I like reading!

I mostly like reading fantasy books, although I’m trying to branch more into sci-fi as well. I do love a good non-fiction book and sometimes I’ll pick up mysteries, classics and a few historical fictions.

I’ve been reading all my life, yeah I know. I’m one of the annoying ones. My mum remembers me as an infant with the newspaper in my hands cause I was always wanting to read something. I used to read every single road sign we passed as we drove because I wanted to constantly read! (and I can’t read in cars or I’ll vomit. Trust me. I’ve tried. Repeatedly)

You can find me a few places online. Here, of course. But also on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. I publish a video once a week, on Sundays, on YouTube. And I post a picture every day on Instagram. So if you want something a little more consistent than my blog I recommend you check me out there!

I own probably 1000 books. I can’t actually count them at the moment. Currently I live with my parents again and they don’t have the space for me to have all of my books out, so they’re packed away in various boxes with just my tbr (well most of it) and a hundred or so of my read books out on display. I also try to unhaul my books, with kids books going straight to the primary school (4-12 years old) that my mum works at and the rest going to charity. Which essentially means I have no clue how many books are in this house anymore! I’ll count them one day once I move in with my partner and can have them all on display.

Out of all my books, I would estimate I have about 140 on my physical tbr. Books on my shelves that I’ve not read. One day I want to get this number to be around 40! But it’ll be a while before I hit that!

I mainly read physical books, and mainly in paperback (that’s cause of cost and cause paperbacks are more common in the UK than the US). I do have a kindle, gifted to me by my lovely partner, that I read arcs on and books that I want to grab quickly and cheaply. I do sometimes listen to audiobooks but I can struggle to focus on the plot through audio so it’s a rare format for me.

My favourite book until I was 18 was The Gift by Alison Croggon (which is the first book in the Pellinor series). I still adore the book but there are a few other contenders now for the top spot including Before the Coffee Gets Cold, The Bone Season, Priory, and more! One day I’ll need to reread them all together and pick a favourite!

So that’s me, my bookish aspects summarised. This doesn’t even include the mess that is my life! But tell me about you, what’s your favourite genre? And do you own physical books or ebooks? Let me know!!

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