Waistcoats & Weaponry – a review

One perk about being so far behind on my reviews is that I get to tell you that this is the highest rated book I’ve read so far this year!

I use CAWPILE to rate my books, and it gives you a number between one and ten (using decimals) for the rating, and so far in 2021 this is my highest rated book!


The 3rd book in the Finishing School series, this book continued on the fun of the first two! I of course don’t want to spoil anything (and I’m trying to make my blog reviews less academic) so I won’t say too much about the book but I adored every aspect of it of course! And I was actually crying at the end! Hence the high rating! I was very concerned about a specific thing (spoilers) and I couldn’t hold it in!

My CAWPILE breakdown:

  • Characters: 10
  • Atmosphere: 9
  • Writing: 9
  • Plot: 9
  • Intrigue: 10
  • Logic: 10
  • Enjoyment: 10

Total: 9.57!

Highlight here for trigger warnings: violence, blood, gun violence, serious injury

Thank you so so much Kari (from Kari-ng for books) for gifting me both this and book 4, Manners & Mutiny, because these books are ridiculously fun, silly, and impactful all at the same time!!

4 thoughts on “Waistcoats & Weaponry – a review”

  1. I fully support the idea of reviews not always having to be so academic! I’m glad that this could be a favourite for you and that you continue to enjoy the series so much!

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