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The amazing and wonderful Jesse from Bowties and Books recently created a tag based off of annotating books and I thought it would be really fun to do! Definitely go and check out their booktube channel for amazing content as well as the original tag!

Onto the questions!

  1. Do you mark your annotations with page flags? Yes! Otherwise I will literally never find the damn thing again! Lost forever in a sea of words
  2. Do you match flags to the book cover or do you have a set flagging system? I do both. If it’s a book where I’m not wanting to focus on specifics and instead just run with a vibe, then I’ll use tabs that match the cover. If it’s a fantasy etc where I know I want to mark out certain points? Colour coded.
  3. What is the first book you ever annotated? Probably Anne Franks diary when I was back in school! But at the time I refused to use a pen so it was all in pencil.
  4. Have you ever been against annotating books? Yup! Hence the pencil above! I didn’t want to “waste” my books, but now I know that not only does it add to the book but the whole point of the book is to be read and enjoyed
  5. Did you ease into annotating your books or did you jump right in? Eh a bit of both, I tried tabs and writing notes elsewhere but it didn’t work for me. I tried in pencil but it just pissed me off (I ain’t a pencil writer) and so I naturally ended up at pens
  6. Do you keen an un-annotated version of your annotated books? No, I can’t justify owning two versions of the same book to be honest
  7. Has anyone ever annotated a book for you? No but this would be so lovely!
  8. Do you mind used books with annotations already in them? Honestly it depends. If it’s a lot of annotations that would disrupt the reading experience then I don’t really want that when reading through a fantasy or historical fiction for the first time. If it’s a few notes here or there then I’m totally down for that!
  9. Have you ever gotten hate or horrified stares for writing in your books? No cause I’ve never done it in public hahaha
  10. What do you annotate your books with? Pens, highlighters, all that good stuff
  11. Have you ever regretted annotating a book? Yes. A book that I annotated including swear words etc and then wanted to unhaul. I regretted annotating it because not only do some people not like annotations but others can be quite against swear words.
  12. Why do you annotate? Because I want to react to a book. I want to make a note of my real time thoughts and feelings
  13. When underlining, do you use a ruler? I don’t really underline, but if I do then no. Wobbly line or bust
  14. Do you annotate each book that you read? Definitely not! I’ve actually not annotated a book in a long time. I just do it when the mood strikes, if you force it then you lose the fun, just like reading!

And that’s it! That’s the Book Annotating Tag! Let me know down below if you annotate your books, and if you don’t why not! Thanks so much for reading guys 🙂

2 thoughts on “Annotations Book Tag”

  1. The only time I ever annotate a book nowadays is if I’m reading in French and I need to note a meaning down or something. I never seem to have a notebook to hand so I have to do it in the book. I never want to annotate any other book though because I don’t want to lose that freedom of simply being able to read for the love of it.

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    1. That’s true, I’ve heard some people keep a separate copy for both annotating and pure reading. I can’t justify that cost or the shelf space though!!

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