I’ve had this book HOW LONG?!

Which books have you had on your tbr the longest? These are the books that have been sat unread on your shelves for the longest time, looking out at you balefully wishing to be read… don’t you feel guilty???

Well apparently I don’t! Cause I’ve had books on my tbr since…. well see this is the issue. It’s been so long that I don’t know! And I’m not talking about 2015 here. I’m talking about 2009 or earlier…

FOR SOME OF THEM I HAVE AN EXCUSE!!! Specifically for two. Cathy’s Ring and Cathy’s Key by Stewart, Weismann, and Brigg. The reason I can get a rough date of 2009 is that I got these two when I was on holiday in the US. And while I was there I didn’t have a smart phone or access to the internet (it was 2009… of course I didn’t) so I didn’t realise that these were books 2 and 3 in a series. And I’ve not been able to get my mitts on book 1… UNTIL NOW! My July haul includes the first book in this series (and damn was I excited!) So I can finally read these ones!

There are others however. Wormwood by GP Taylor is one that I don’t know how it’s there, I don’t know what it’s about, but I do know I haven’t read it. Not cause I remember that. No just cause the spine is so stiff it clearly hasn’t been opened before… yes that is how I know.

We also have The Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles by Rosemary Sutcliff which I read the first book of in this bind up but never got around to the other two.

And there must be some other, super old tbr veterans floating around that I’m forgetting right now (and that’s not even including ones from 2016… 5 years ago… still unread…) but I’m going to end on the big one.

I have an almost unknown book, Pompeii by Salvatore Nappo which is a non-fiction. I’ll let you guess the topic. This was gifted to me when we lived in Italy….

IN 1999

That is 22 years ago. Twenty two years folks. I’d like to see another 24 year old reader beat that!!! 😂

I did actually have 3 books all together from that time, but I’ve read the other two earlier on this year thankfully, so now there’s only one left!

How many tbr vets do you have? Are they as old as mine? Let me know in the comments!!!

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