Reading Slump

Generally when I’m slumping, and I realise it, I try to push through. This is what I’ve been doing this month (hence the ridiculous sized tbr). But I am s t r u g g l i n g to read at the moment. I’ve barely picked up my books. I’ve not actually picked up my regular read for an entire week now.


I think next month has to be a small tbr. Despite that I want to read every book under the sun. I need to be realistic. And I already have 8 books on my tbr…. so I need to cut that down!

I know that if I just started reading I would get back into the swing of things. But right now? It’s just not working for my brain. So I’ll give myself the break. Accept that I most likely won’t finish up this months tbr, and see what comes next!!

How are you doing with your tbr so far this month? I’ve only finished one book…. hahaha

2 thoughts on “Reading Slump”

  1. I’ve only finished one book so far this month too. I’ve been in a reading slump since March and it is driving me up the wall because I want it to go away. I’m hoping that trying to alternate my genres or styles of book will help.

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