The Wildlife of the British Isles, a review

This is… a little different to the usual books that I read


My grandpa gifted me this book many moons ago. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. It has lots of different animals that are common in the UK and talks about their lives, their appearance, everything you would expect. It’s actually a really lovely book, especially with the hedgehog on the front!!

I’ve actually unhauled this book now. It’s not one I think I’ll go through again (and it was a little tough to do with the sentimentality) but it’s going to my old school (5-12 yo) and the kids will get more use out of it than I would!

I know I usually give my CAWPILE breakdown, but the system is made for fiction books, not non-fiction. And especially not reference texts! So I just gave every category a 6 which brings it out at 3 stars overall.

The only trigger warnings for this one are the animals included within. If you have a trigger for any standard British mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians or fish then please take care.

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