Okay so some years I don’t care about my birthday at all, and some years I get excited. This is an excited year! Cause I’ve already got some of my pressies waiting for me! Caitlyn, the mad woman, sent me my first box in SEPTEMBER. At the BEGINNING of September no less!!! And so she is completely and utterly to blame for this excitement.

My family always flat out refuse to get me books, cause I have “too many” (what is that), so it’s always a struggle to think of things that they can get me. But my friends are wonderful and marvellous and book giving fiends and I have a few boxes from the wonderful human beings ready to open!

My birthday is 13th October, which makes me a Libra. Do I know what that means for me? No! But I am! I’m hitting the big 2 5. Which isn’t actually that big, but I’m now more than halfway to 30 which to be quite honest is just rude.

Anyways. All of this pre-amble is to say that there won’t be a review going up next Wednesday (the 13th, if that wasn’t obvious)! Cause it’s my birthday! So I want to post something a little more fun instead! Hope you don’t mind 😝


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