Blogoween!! πŸŽƒ

It’s Halloween!! If you celebrate I hope you have the most wonderful spooky, spoopy, creepy time!

It’s my first time having a Halloween in this house, as well as in my own house where trick or treaters might come round! So I’ve bought some sweets and if I’m lucky we won’t have kids round here and I can eat them all πŸ˜‚

This also marks the end of VEDO: A Video Every Day in October. And honestly? Thank God hahahaha. This was definitely not the month for me to have this going on, on top of moving and the new job and my birthday and everything else! Honestly moving house is… much worse than moving for uni? Probably because this time around we’ve had to build all of the damn furniture and it takes forever!

It also means that I’ve not read this month. I’ve not touched a book since the 10th, at all. As I’m typing this (I’m scheduling it so I hope that this isn’t the case by the time this goes live) I’ve only read one book this month… which is the worst month so far I’ve had for reading!!

How has your October been? I hope you’ve been able to read more than me!!!

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