Sleet, a review

Another teeny tiny review again today! I actually read this book and the last book that I reviewed on the same day in the same sitting. When they’re so small why not?! This one is slightly larger at 27 pages *gasp* but still a short and sweet translation from the original Swedish.


This is a sweet little story where we see through the eyes of a young boy as a family member who left to live in the USA comes back to visit. There are a lot of family tensions which the boy we’re following doesn’t quite understand, but can definitely feel. It’s a really interesting little dive into how children perceive tension and I really enjoyed it!

For my CAWPILE rating I gave Sleet:

Characters: 7

Atmosphere: 6

Writing: 7

Plot: 6

Intrigue: 6

Logic: 7

Enjoyment: 6

Which gives us an overall total of 6.43 which is a respectable 3 star rating!

I think this is such a sweet, short read, and I’m totally up for reading more from the author in the future! Have you read any books translated from Swedish?? (hint hint: Pippi Longstockings was writing by a Swedish woman!)

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