Pompeii: Nowadays and 2000 Years Ago, a review

Another book that, let’s be honest, most of the people who follow me don’t care about. However, I adore! This one is so old that it has the price in Lira (Italy’s currency before they adopted the Euro) so it was probably acquired in around 1998 when we were there! Beat that for “longest on your tbr”!!! 😂

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This is essentially a little guide to use when you walk around the site of Pompeii, with numbered points to look out for. I’ve been around the site a couple times, and there are pictures in the book too, so I was still able to enjoy this without being there.

It’s a little bit out of date now, but we can’t blame the book for that! And the information is still super interesting and it was fun to read through. My CAWPILE rating is a little bit unhelpful for this one because it’s not designed for non-fiction books. But I gave all categories a five across the board which levels it out at a nice 3 stars.

I’m glad that I’ve finally gotten around to this one after it lived on my tbr for so long!!

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