My first ever Illumicrate box!!

This was my first ever book box and I absolutely loved it!

From the most beautiful book design I think I’ve ever seen, to the gorgeous mug and the beautiful pin!

I’ve not read A Marvellous Light yet, because I want to read along with the Discord to make the absolute most out of my first box! I’m really excited to delve in and hear everyone’s thoughts!

What do you think is the best thing from this box? Honestly? This time there is nothing that can truly compete with the book 😂

Image ID: An unboxing of the December Illumicrate box. The book is A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske which is laid flat against a white background. To the left, under the book, is a dark blue pin banner with a phoeni design. Pinned on the banner is a badge depicting hands playing cats cradle. Leaning against the top left of the book is a large mug with art showing two characters on horseback. On top of the book is a small pink dragon statue. At the top of the photo is a yelow Illumicrate box with a fake pot of ivy sat on top. To the top left of the book is a sheet of stickres inspired by Nevermoor, a calendar, and a Ninth House pencil tin. To the left of the book is a small slice of purple geode

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