Being Behind on Reviews

I don’t know if you folks know this, but I like to give a review on my blog for every single book I read. Each and every one gets a dedicated blog post. That sounds great in practice but I am so far behind.

As in I have books from June 2021 that I still haven’t reviewed. I’ve only done my reviews for just over half of the books I read last year. Obviously something needs to change.

I’m not sure what that is going to be just yet, so if you have any ideas please do let me know! I’m not sure whether to start reviewing my 2022 books already and just upload the 2021 reviews when I can? Or if I should keep going chronologically? Or if I should completely scrap the reviews that I’m behind on?

With how far behind I am it’s hard to remember my thoughts about books. Literally, I’m trying to think of my opinions of books I can barely remember and its so damn awkward.

Basically this is just me complaining about my own incompetence so if you’re still reading? Thanks 😂 Sorry for the lack of reviews lately, hopefully I’ll get back on the train sooner rather than later!!

8 thoughts on “Being Behind on Reviews”

  1. Have you written the reviews or not yet? If you haven’t, maybe you could just do very short reviews (either one post, or on a site like Goodreads if you just want to track). But if you’re already written the reviews, I guess you could just publish multiple posts a day?

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      1. see this would be the logical solution…. and yet here I am writing out my reviews hahaha. I think I’ll do that until I really can’t be bothered anymore and then give in (and let my inner perfectionist cry) and do the short reviews haha

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