That Inevitable Victorian Thing, a review

Another book that the lovely Caitlyn from Mad Cheshire Rabbit got me, this time purely for the cover alone, is That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K. Johnston. I’m not going to lie to you, the cover is why I put it on my wishlist in the first place!

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Id’ debated so many times about taking it off of my wishlist because I knew nothing about it and it was a pure cover “buy”. But the Universe made sure that I didn’t because oh BOY did I love this book!!

This book is set in a world where the British Empire didn’t fall, but instead actually became more inclusive of races and genders. We’re following the princess in line to the throne as she spends time in Canada before she’s forced into her full royal duties as an adult. This world is a combination of Victorian values and sci-fi genetic technology which I adored.

We also have LGBTQ+ rep in this book from our main character! With the princess falling in love with another girl. But it’s all done remotely and she was pretending to be a boy on this app, how can she ever find this mysterious person and reveal to them that not only is she a she, but that she’s the princess?!

This book was so damn good. The ending was left a little open for us, but I chose to interpret as ending in a polyamorous relationship and therefore it’s the first book with poly rep I’ve ever read! I was so invested in each and every character, the plot development was progressing in line with the individual character development and I adored learning about these people as well as about this world they were living in.

For my CAWPILE ratings I gave this book: Characters: 9, Atmosphere: 10, Writing: 9, Plot: 8, Intrigue: 10, Logic: 9, and Enjoyment: 10 to give an average rating of 9.29 which of course is a 5 star read!

I really recommend picking up this odd little book. It’s a great coming of age fantasy/sci-fi and I’m so so glad that I kept it on my wishlist! It turned out to be a great read for me!!

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