Cathy’s Book, a review

Cathy’s Book by Stewart, Weisman, and Brigg is one that I’ve wanted to read for well over a decade now. Yes. A decade. I bought books two and three on a visit to the US (back in a time before we had portable internet devices) without knowing they weren’t the first book. So when, well over 10 (okay 13) years later I spotted Cathy’s Book in a charity shop in Portsmouth I knew I had to buy it and read it in quick succession!

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Similarly to the book I reviewed yesterday, I would’ve enjoyed this book so much more if I’d been able to read it at the right time as a teen. However, different to yesterdays review, I still really enjoyed this and intend to continue (and finish) the series.

This is a YA fantasy/contemporary. The majority of the book is set in a modern contemporary setting, however, there are immortal beings. In fact our protagonist is dating one! Or she was. Is she still? Well it’s complicated.

I picked up the rest of these books because of their style. This isn’t your standard novel. It’s written in the style of diary entries, and our protagonist is an artist so the pages are covered in doodles too. There are also extra bits and bobs attached to this hardback, including faked receipts and notes and napkins with phone numbers written on. It’s so cool!! I loved seeing them in conjunction with the text!

In CAWPILE I gave this book: Characters: 8, Atmosphere: 8, Writing: 7, Plot: 7, Intrigue: 7, Logic: 7, and Enjoyment: 8 which gives an average of 7.43 which is a 4 star read.

I’m very excited to finish up this series and see which weird direction things go in next!

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