The Last Stand of Dead Men, a review

We’re back with another Skulduggery Pleasant review! Because of course we are 😂

A book about war, betrayal, torture, death, and suffering. I loved it! This series is increasingly hard to talk about whilst trying to stay spoiler free. I adore the Dead Men and the stories we’ve heard about them in previous books so it was so much fun to have Val join this group on their escapades.

In this book I think we have the most POVs we’ve had so far in a Skulduggery book, which serves to really flesh out the book and the world even further. Although I won’t lie, Grandmaster Ping was… creepy. Poor Scapegrace (and Thrasher). This book also expanded into the world outside of Ireland (and the UK). It’s still primarily set on our Isles but it’s nice to learn a little bit more about the wider world.

On CAWPILE I gave this book: Characters: 10, Atmosphere: 9, Writing: 9, Plot: 9, Intrigue: 9, Logic: 9, and Enjoyment: 9 which is an overall of 9.14, a 5 star read.

This is one of my favourite of the Skulduggery books, and I think that’s totally cause of the Dead Men! So excited to continue this series reread.

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