Sabriel, a review

My mum suggested that I read these books as a kid, and for some reason I said no. And when it popped up when I was around 19 I gave in to buying the first book but for SOME REASON I didn’t buy the rest despite them being RIGHT THERE. I am forever mad at myself cause this is my perfect type of book! A fantasy based around death, with magic, and cats. Perfection.

We follow Sabriel who starts off in a boarding school her father sent her to. She’s right at the end of her time there and is preparing for her father to collect her. But misfortune strikes, her father has gone missing. He’s trapped by a malicious force and only she can save him. She has to move from the “mortal” side of this world, where she grew up, to the “magical” side to find some way to free him.

Every character in this book is well developed and I adore seeing them change as we traverse through the world and learn more about the people, the magic, and of course about Mogget the cat.

Despite this being written by a male author, 18 year old Sabriel is a fantastically written female character. And yes, despite this being a YA and being aimed at 12-13 year olds in school, Sabriel is indeed 18 and she *acts* like an 18 year old. This book is one of the best and most age ascending YA books I’ve had the pleasure to read.

On CAWPILE I gave this book: Characters: 9, Atmosphere: 10, Writing: 10, Plot: 9, Intrigue: 10, Logic: 9, Enjoyment: 10, which gives a score of 9.57 and is of course a five star read!

I absolutely adored this book, it’s a new favourite, and I 100% need to get my mitts on the rest of the books!! I’m obsessed!!

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