Labyrinth, a review

This 500+ page historical fantasy is one I picked up because I kept seeing the series in charity shops and eventually gave in… and then didn’t read the damn books for years. I bought this series in 2016!! Anyways, onto the review.

In this book we swap between time periods in southern France. 1209 for the historical time periods, and 2005 for the “modern” day (the book was published in 2005 so it was modern then). It did take me some time to get into this book, for the first 100 pages or so I was… struggling to care? To be blunt.

But once I got past that point, and once the timelines began to interact a bit more I was a lot more invested. I loved the little hints and nods to each era that we got, and the ending was incredibly interesting and well done.

On CAWPILE the scores I gave this averaged out at a 4 star, but on reflection a few months down the line I think that more accurately this is a 3 star read for me. Good, enjoyable, I’ll be continuing with the series as I already own them. But nothing fantastic and not one I’ll persuade people to read.

Let’s hope that the second book is better for me!

2 thoughts on “Labyrinth, a review”

    1. Yeah it was perfectly fine, but that’s about it. And the further away I get from it the more I wonder about whether I’ll actually pick up the sequels

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