A Song of Wraiths and Ruin, a review

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne A Brown was gifted to me by the lovely Kari from Kar-ing for Books, and Olivia from Olivia’s Catastrophe said that she thought I would enjoy it. That was more than enough for me to pick up this book!

This is a fantastic YA fantasy where we follow two POVs. One is from the perspective of a young princess who doesn’t get along with her mother the Queen. The other is from a young boy who is trying to escape a war with his two sisters.

Both don’t know that magic is real. Both don’t know how much their lives are going to change.

I really enjoyed this! (look do we doubt Kari and Olivia’s thoughts about my reading tastes? No. No we do not) The worldbuilding is absolutely gorgeous, as well as really well done character development that has you routing for both sides through the whole book.

If you really want to know how much I liked this? I bought the second book before I even finished this one! If that isn’t proof that I adored this then I don’t know what is. Oh, apart from my CAWPILE score!

Characters: 9, Atmosphere: 8, Writing: 8, Plot: 8, Intrigue: 9, Logic: 8, and Enjoyment: 9 which gives an average of 8.43 and a 4 star rating!

I’m not a big YA reader anymore (despite only being 25) so I would’ve been super surprised if this had hit the 5 star mark. As it is, I’m super excited for the final book in the duology!

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