2021 Reading Year Review

Because I’ve finally caught up on my 2021 book reviews I thought it would be time to talk about my reading stats!!

I read around 32399 pages last year which is mad! My best month was September, I was getting some reading in before my life upended in October!

I managed to read 105 books. Again, absolutely ridiculous and I’m not quite sure how I managed it! I did read a fair few shorter books, but I also read some very big ones so I had thought it would balance out. I don’t know how I managed so many!

Surprising no-one my main genre was fantasy, with that being almost half of my reads! My next biggest were non-fiction and classics, which I’ve been loving lately so I’m super happy with that.

I also had an amazing reading year with almost half of my books hitting a 4 star rating. I’m not quite sure how I managed to read so many highly rated books in 2021 but I’m 100% not mad!

If you want to see my reading stats in a little more detail I made a video on my YouTube you can check out!

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