The Guest Cat, a review

After reading I Am A Cat I was excited to delve into some more Japanese cat books, and given I’m going in chronological order that meant The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide (and translated by Eric Selland) was up next!

This is a short little book, at only 140 pages, and I was able to read it in just two days. This. This was exactly what I had hoped for from I Am A Cat. It was absolutely beautiful.

A gorgeous discussion on the values of nature, on grief, and on the uncontrollable aspects of nature, as well as a look into the life of this kitty and the wonderful humans who loved them.

On CAWPILE I rated this: Characters: 9, Atmosphere: 9, Writing: 9, Plot: 8,Intrigue: 9, Logic: 9, and Enjoyment: 9 giving a score of 8.86 and a 4.5* rating.

Highlight here for trigger warnings: animal death, death, grief, cancer, medical content, death of parent.

Because of how short this book is there isn’t too much else I can say. But what I will say is that this is one I’m definitely going to be reading again! Have you read anything by Hiraide?

3 thoughts on “The Guest Cat, a review”

    1. I hope you love it when you pick it up! And I’m glad I was able to persuade you, it’s so hard to talk about short books but this one was just so beautiful!


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